Wednesday Wedding Thoughts: Venues

Today is Eric’s and my 10-month anniversary. Even though we don’t celebrate our “month anniversaries” anymore, like when we were dating (ah fun times), I still like to reminisce about our wedding day and how it all came together.

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When I first started researching, I read an article online that helped us immensely through the planning process.

The article recommended that a couple should choose 2-4 elements that were important to them, in order to decide where to concentrate their efforts and spend the majority of their funds.

Examples included the number of guests, venue, photography and videography, music and dancing, food and drink, getting married on a significant date, the attire, flowers and decorations, etc. Eric and I ultimately decided on the venuefood, and photography. I knew I wanted to get married in a beautiful setting. Eric knew he wanted delicious food, and we both wanted a great photographer to capture the memories.

We started with the venue. After tons of research online, we took a drive to Southern Exposure Herb Farm (pictures below). The farm was gorgeously laid out, with wonderful attention to detail, and offered an all-inclusive package. We ultimately decided that the farm wasn’t “us.” It had a shabby chic, country feel, and we wanted something a bit more elegant. Going to the farm helped us realize that.

southernexp_barn  southern exposure - wedding table

Next, we toured the Goei Center. It was a little too huge and industrial, and we had to provide all the tables and decor. It was located in a rougher part of town, despite its gorgeous interior. A quick no.

goei center wedding  goei  center tables

We toured the Blue Dress Barn.

blue dress barn ceremony  blue dress barn inside

We toured Millcreek Barn. (Seriously, what was it with us and barns?)

millcreek barn ceremony  millcreek barn outside

We toured the Eesley Place. This venue, by the way, required us to serve a minimum amount of alcohol.

eesley place outside  eesley place hall

We knew we wanted something unique. I researched museums, art centers, libraries, golf courses, colleges, conference centers, and a ballroom. After considering tons of options, we discovered the Kellogg Manor House. At this point, we were a little disillusioned with wedding planning, but when we stepped foot onto the grounds, we both knew.

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It was a gorgeous, grand, historical estate house and a non-profit organization owned by Michigan State University. Built on the crest of a hill, it looked down onto a beautiful blue lake. A staircase crisscrossing the hill led down to the water and surrounding grounds. It was everything we wanted, it was available, and it was the right price.

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We had an incredible experience here, and I’m so glad we didn’t give up! Where did you guys get married?


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wedding Thoughts: Venues

  1. Amazing choice. What an amazing place by the lake. No less than a dream venue ❤ ❤ .All the best and may you celebrate your Diamond anniversary happily together, if possible at the same place 🙂


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