Favorite Kitchen Organizers

I love shopping – not for clothes – but for home organization solutions. Creating a beautiful space doesn’t always mean boxes, drawer organizers, and matching canisters lining your pantry. Here are some simple solutions to keep your kitchen space clean and tidy when you’re cooking.

Oxo Good Grips stainless steel mixing bowls are some of my favorites. Nesting bowls are automatically easy to store, and they are multifunctional: you can use them for meal prep, and they’re pretty enough for serving. I use mine to mix ingredients for baking, toss salads, whip up sauces, and even eat popcorn.

oxo good grips nesting bowls

I love Pyrex’s glass measuring cups for the same reason – their many uses! I use them to measure out ingredients and keep sauces and reductions until needed. Plus I store my cooking spoons in them so the spoons don’t drip on the stove. Because they’re glass, they can handle the heat better than plastic.

pyrex measuring cups

Lastly, these magnetic measuring spoons by Progressive and stainless steel measuring cups by Oxo Good Grips are super efficient and pretty. The measuring spoons, especially, because they stay together neatly and have two ends – a narrow end to fit into spice jars, plus a rounded end for everything else.

Imageย  Image

I use these to stay organized in the kitchen. What are some products that you like to use?


3 thoughts on “Favorite Kitchen Organizers

  1. A properly organized kitchen is a must. Thanks for the inspiration!!! Stainless steel mixing bowls are also a must have MUST HAVE!!! Great post!!!


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