Healthy Eats on Vacation in DC

Eric and I went on vacation this past week. We haven’t seen his parents since our wedding, plus our 1-year anniversary is coming up this month. I was lucky enough to eat Eric’s mom’s homemade food, which consisted of many Korean foods like duk mandu guk, japchae, dukboki, and fresh, organic veggies straight from her garden!

Halmuni in the garden

Grandma (Halmuni) in the garden

We also decided to visit Washington, D.C. during our stay. We toured several museums, the botanic gardens, and the Library of Congress. (Did you guys know all Smithsonian museums are free to visit?) However, we had a difficult time finding decent, healthy places to eat there. We indulged for some Indian food at Rasika in downtown DC, but we really wanted to focus on eating healthfully and not gaining weight during vacation!

Luckily we found Hawwi Ethiopian Cafe and Restaurant. We had never tried Ethiopian food before, and we had no idea there were so many Ethiopian restaurants in DC. I tried the vegan sampler, and it was delicious! The food came on a bed of injera, or spongy sourdough flatbread, and consisted of red lentils, collard greens, cabbage, potatoes, and green beans and carrots. The lentils tasted slightly tangy and the injera sour, balanced by the smooth, buttery potatoes and hearty veggies.

Hawwi Ethiopian food

Veggie sampler at Hawwi (plus Eric’s meat plate in the back… boo)

Within a wealth of steakhouses, chain restaurants, and delis, it was so nice to find this gem of a place! What are some healthy options to eat when you guys are on vacation?


4 thoughts on “Healthy Eats on Vacation in DC

  1. What a lovely vacation! It’s really tough to eat healthy when I’m on the road. Subway is usually the healthiest option I have, other than packing some quick snacks that are easy, delicious, and healthy. Carrot / celery sticks, nuts, trail mix (without too much chocolate). The truth is I usually don’t pay much attention to eating healthy or trying to when I’m on vacation.

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