Some Updates + Life Lessons

I started this blog last summer. Little did I know how much maintenance a blog requires! It took me half the day just thinking of ideas, writing meaningful content, taking quality pictures, and editing the whole thing. I concluded that I’d rather just enjoy the experiences, rather than constantly stopping to think about my blog and take a decent picture.

I really loved blogging though. I loved sharing my hobbies with others and getting feedback. So I decided to stick with my Instagram account which I can maintain better all year-round. I’ve also morphed my Instagram a bit; at first, I mostly shared pictures of food. I wanted to have an audience, and I thought an audience needed a specific idea to follow (#puddlegram anyone?). But strange as it is, a life lesson crept up on me during this blogging/instagram/social media experience. I posted things I thought people wanted to see, but catering my interests to the needs of others didn’t make me happy. Now I have a place to share whatever I like: books and libraries, vegetarian/vegan food, homemade recipes, all things Michigan, speech therapy and my classroom, sustainable living, maybe a bit of nerd culture (for Eric). That’s who I am, and that’s fun for me. Stay true to yourself, right?

See you on Instagram! #beyourself


2 thoughts on “Some Updates + Life Lessons

    • Glad someone feels the same way! I absolutely hate giving up on things, but I had to. Plus I realized as much as I love to read, I’m really not much of a writer ๐Ÿ˜‰


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